Learn how to create a simple navigation bar with some dark colors in a few steps. Easy to do.

1. First we have to make a rectangle to do this we are going to select the Rounded Rectangle Tool,it doesn’t matter if the size and shape are a little bit different and also color doesn’t matter. I’m going to use Radius with 5px.

Rectangule options

2. And you will have something like this:

Rounded Rectangle.

3. Then double click in the layer to open the Layer Style or right click/Blending Options. Once open select Gradient Overlay and put the following colors to make the Gradient or if you prefer can use your own. #262626,This one has to be located in 50% #2f2f2f and the Color Midpoint in 70%, #3c3c3c.

Gradient Overlay

4. Now you should got something like this:

Photoshop tutorials. Result.

5. After these we are making a border, to do it, press Ctrl+Click over the shape layer thumb to select it. Then go to Select/Modify/Contract and put 2 px.

Contract selection.

6. Now your selection should look like this:

Photoshop Tutorials. Contract selection.

7. Now fill the selection with the bucket, color doesn’t matter, press Ctrl+D to deselect or Select/Deselect.

8. In the layers’ window change the fill of this layer to 0%.

9. Then double click over the layer to open the Layer Style and select Stroke. Change size to 1px and Opacity to 15%, And for the Gradient use a Transparent to White gradient.

Photoshop tutorials. Stroke options.

10. We used the photoshoplovr’s logo and some text we used Arial 14pt in white and this is the result.

Photoshop tutorial. Navigation bar.