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The xTalk family of scripting languages is a group of loosely defined languages known for their simple, English-like syntax, the use of real-life metaphors, a Small-talk style image and message-sending apparatus, and Pascal-style block boundaries, but with a less rigid structure.

The most well-known of the xTalk languages is HyperTalk, used in conjunction with Apple's HyperCard development kit for Apple Macintosh and Apple IIGS computers in the late 1980s.

Sharing a common set of basic data structures and commands, as well as a general object model, other xTalk languages include SuperTalk, the scripting language used in SuperCard, and derived from HyperTalk. Also stemming from HyperTalk, SenseTalk was initially used as the scripting language in the HyperSense multimedia authoring applications for the NeXTStep and OpenStep platforms, resurfacing in 2002 as the scripting language for eggPlant, the first commercial Mac OS X and cross-platform GUI testing application. Originally known as RevTalk, then MetaTalk, Transcript is the scripting language used in LiveCode.

Other languages included in the xTalk family are CompileIt!-Talk, Double-XX-Talk, MediaTalk, PlusTalk, and XION, the latter of which was once the language of an open-source HyperCard clone that was never released but is now implemented as OpenXION. Others may also exist.

The xTalk family inspired some other languages, such as ActionScript, AppleScript, ECMAScript, JavaScript, and Lingo. However, these languages, as currently existing, have object models that differ considerably from xCode languages, so they are not considered to be xTalk languages.

Languages that fall within the family of scripting languages known as xTalk are the focus of resources in this category and may be listed in this category or one of its subcategories, whichever is the most specific. Editors, IDEs, and other applications and tools that were designed to facilitate programming in one or more of these languages, as well as those for which one of these languages was designed to support, such as LiveCode and HyperCard, are also appropriate for this category, as are xCode user groups, forums, tutorials, and guides.


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