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Originally known as MetaTalk, Transcript is the programming language embedded in the LiveCode application development runtime environment system.

LiveCode was first introduced as Revolution in 2001 and was based on the MetaCard technology, which RunTime Revolution later acquired from MetaCard Corporation in 2003, after which it used the name MetaCard until 2010 when it was renamed LiveCode. In 2013, the company name was changed to LiveCode Limited, in order to unify the company name with its flagship product.

Also in 2013, the LiveCode Community Edition was released as a free product, and the codebase was relicensed and made available as free and open-source software. Today, the Community Edition is licensed under a General Public License, but proprietary editions are also available.

In 2015, version 8 introduced a new, separate development language, known as LiveCode Builder, which included optional new object classes known as widgets. In previous versions, the set of object classes was fixed and required the incorporation of a procedural language, like C. The new language runs in its own IDE, permits several types of variables.

Version 8 also included a standalone deployment option to HTML5.

Topics related to either the Transcript or the LiveCode Builder language are the focus of topics in this category, along with LiveCode or any other tools developed to facilitate the use of the LiveCode application. User groups, forums, tutorials, or guides are also appropriate for this category.



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