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The focus of this category, and its subcategories, is on software designed to be used to power and populate the Internet, as well as that used for an Intranet.

While most software developed today includes facilities for Internet connectivity, appropriate resources for this category are restricted to software designed specifically for the Internet. Included here are such topics as server software, Internet clients, website editors, and other site authoring tools, content management systems, site management software, site monitoring software, web promotion software, and search engine software.

An Internet client refers to several software tools required by Internet users to accomplish tasks online. Included here are web browsers, file-sharing software, email clients, video conferencing, and telephony.

Besides HTML and other web editing software, various types of wiki software and other collaborative web platforms would be appropriate here, as well.

While search engine software is listed in this section, the search engines themselves are listed in subcategories of Searching, as they are not themselves software.

Whereas the Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks using a standard Internet protocol, an Intranet is a system in which multiple computers are connected to one another in a private network. The two systems are similar in that both use the standard Internet protocols, TCP/IP and FTP. The primary feature that separates the Internet from an Intranet is that the former is global and public, while the latter is private and restricted.

Software designed to be used for either Internet or Intranet operations is appropriate for this category or its subcategories.







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