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Site management software, the focus of this category, refers to the tools that can help a webmaster manage a website after it has been designed and developed.

This might include software that can be used to add things to the site or to modernize portions of it without a complete rewrite. This might include software or scripts designed to add polls, a form, calendar, a monthly newsletter subscription, or a site search. Traffic logging and log analysis software would be appropriate here, as well, along with other analytics software.

Other topics that would fall under the heading of Site Management software would be tools for redesigning a header or website banner, testing to see that a site works well with various types of browsers or mobile devices, checking web error logs, cleaning up old files, or troubleshooting why pages aren't working or why certain things aren't lining up properly. Software designed to be used to check your site for bad links would be on-topic in this category.

There are other categories here for various means of creating or re-creating a full website. This may include Web Editors, Web Design & Development, HTML, Content Management Systems, and others.

Another category - Webmaster Resources - is similar to this one, the difference being that Webmaster Resources is largely for the miscellaneous tools, clipart and other graphics, products, and services that a webmaster might need to put a site together, while this category is restricted to software that is used for maintaining or managing the site after it has been built. In many cases, the difference is whether it is an online service or software.


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