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Website promotion refers to marketing techniques, tactics, and actions intended to drive web traffic to a website, whatever the nature of the site's content.

Website promotion is closely related to web marketing and advertising today, as most businesses have an Internet presence. In the case of online businesses, the website is the business, but brick and mortar businesses establish websites as a means of marketing the business and, of course, that requires promoting the website, as well.

Many businesses will employ marketing and advertising professionals to handle the job of marketing their business, and search engine optimization professionals to drive traffic to the site. These services are covered in the Marketing & Advertising and Search Engine Optimization categories that we have linked to below, or perhaps one of their subcategories. The focus of this category is on the software that businesses and webmasters might use to handle some of these tasks in-house.

For that matter, not every website is a business. There are informational sites, forums, and other websites on the Internet that are operated with no profit motive beyond, perhaps, recouping the cost of keeping the site online. The webmasters and forum administrators responsible for these sites will market their sites, as well, but they are more likely to handle the marketing themselves, either manually or through the use of software.

In order for a website to be found on the Internet, it needs to show up in search engine results, and this may require the incorporation of Internet marketing, relationship-building, and search engine optimization. This will probably involve analytics, research, social media campaigns, link building, and a variety of actions that may be facilitated by software.

Small businesses may not have the budget necessary to hire professionals to do the work, and someone who puts up an informational site may not be interested or able to spend a lot of money on marketing the site, but these tasks will have to be performed, nevertheless. Software may be able to help and, for that matter, the professionals make use of software, also.

Businesses or individuals with the technical skills to do so effectively might choose to keep their promotional efforts in-house rather than outsourcing it to SEO or marketing agencies, and they will likely employ software to some extent.

The focus of this category is not on web promotion, but on the software that has been designed for website promotion.


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