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The focus of this guide is on webmaster resources, which may be a reference to various tools for webmasters.

In one sense, this might be considered a miscellaneous category for webmasters, as many of the resources required are covered in other categories, such as Web Editors, Web Design & Development, Web Hosting, Graphics, Site Management, and some other categories relating to marketing or software. In that sense, this category is for everything else that a webmaster might need.

A book that I have on establishing a website is divided into eight chapters. They include choosing your niche, choosing your domain name, buying your domain name, choosing your web hosting, setting up your website, monetizing your website, getting traffic to your website, and all of the other little things, this category is about the last chapter: all of the other little things.

For the sake of categorization, this may include bits and pieces that might fit into some of the other chapters as well.

Suitable topics for this category might include sites offering premade animations or graphics, royalty-free images, button builders, or banners, as well as scripts or widgets to perform various site features, such as chat systems, statistics, graphs, forms, in-site search, calendars, surveys, and so on.

HTML guides, tutorials, and webmaster forums may also be found here, along with other resources for webmasters that wouldn't be more appropriately placed elsewhere.


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