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The most northerly of the Channel Islands, the Island of Alderney, is 8 miles from the coast of France. It is closer to Britain than any of the other Channel Islands. It is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

The third largest of the Channel Islands, it is approximately a mile and a half wide and three and a half miles long. It is approximately 20 miles from France and 60 miles from the southern coast of Great Britain, making it the closest of the Channel Islands to the United Kingdom.

There is only one parish in Alderney, the Parish of St. Anne, and it includes the entire island of Alderney. The island's main town is also named St. Anne, though many call it "La Ville," which means "The town." While tourists and visitors refer to St. Anne as St. Anne's, locals almost always refer to it as "Town."

All 1,500 residents of Alderney were evacuated in June of 1940, just a few steps ahead of the Germans who sought to occupy the Channel Islands. The official evacuation was aboard boats which were dispatched from England. A handful of people remained on Alderney, but they did leave after the island of Guernsey sent boats for them just before the German army arrived.

When the German army set foot on the then-deserted island, they set about construction of two concentration camps and two work camps on the island, built in order to house the people whose labor would build bunkers, gun platforms, air raid shelters, and tunnels to made in order to establish the establishment of Hitler's Atlantic Wall. They moved Russian and Polish prisoners of war as well as Jewish slave laborers.

Some of the Alderney residents ended up going to Guernsey and were unable to leave due to the occupation. Those people had to remain on Guernsey for the duration of the occupation.

There are no political parties in Alderney. The citizens of the island directly elect a president every four years. Its legislature, called the States of Alderney, has eleven democratically elected members, two of whom sit in Guernsey’s States of Deliberation and have full voting rights.

The island has full autonomy, other than in matters of foreign affairs and defense.


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