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The focus of this category is places to go and things to do on the island of Alderney in the Channel Islands.

Of course, one can go to the charming downtown shopping area or to the beautiful coast of this island, which is a mile and a half wide, but Alderney has a special group of things to do and places to go, due to its history during World War II, when it was one of the Channel islands occupied by the German army in June of 1940.

The Germans brought in captive Polish, Russian, and Jewish slaves in order to do the work on Alderney. They used slave labour in order to build two concentration camps and two work camps, as well as gun platforms, bunkers, tunnels, and air raid shelters.

Of the 4,000 slaves, brought in, more than 700 died on Alderney.

All but a handful of the population of Alderney was evacuated just before the German invasion. In 1966, the Hammond family erected the Hammond War Memorial in order to commemorate the workers who died on Alderney during the war. Services are held at the memorial, and the public is invited.

The Anderney Museum has, among other things, exhibits related to the World War II occupation, and there is the long wall built on Longis Bay during the German Occupation.



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