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St. Andrew, the only landlocked parish on the island of Guernsey, is situated in the centre of the island. Its geography features hills and valleys, and is split between two parts: one bordering St. Peter Port, the other bordering St. Saviour and Forest.

St. Andrew has a great deal of lush scenery, including fields, woodlands, and scenic valleys.

Two of the most popular attractions, the Little Chapel and the Underground Hospital, are in St. Andrew.

The Little Chapel, one of the world's smallest churches, was begun by a French monk named Brother Deodat in 1914. He had planned to create a small version of the basilica and grotto at Lourdes, where girl Bernadette Soubirous was said to have seen the Virgin Mary. He built the chapel with pebbles, sea shells, and tiny pieces of broken pottery.

The Underground Military Hospital is made up of tunnels, ventilation shafts, and chambers which were dug by the enslaved prisoners imported from Spain, Poland, Algeria, France, Russia, and Morocco, among other places, to the Channel Islands during World War II. The tunnels cover an area of 7,000 square metres. The tunnels are open to the public and have been since 1954.



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