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St. Sampson is situated north of St. Peter Port, and almost connected with it by houses and buildings along the shore. The parish is divided up into two noncontiguous parts. Most of the parish is on the east coast while a small portion is in Guernsey Island's west coast. It is bordered by Vale on the north and west, by St. Peter Port on the south, and by the sea on the east.

The parish church of St. Sampson is the oldest of Guernsey's parish churches and stands on the coast where St. Samson of Dol arrived in the sixth century from Brittany. He had travelled to Guernsey with the intention of converting people to Christianity.

The port at Sampson was very active, and in 1861, granite exports had reached 142,866 tons on 737 ships. There was also a very healthy ship building industry. There used to be a tram which ran from St. Sampson to Saint Peter Port in 1837 when it was powered by a horse-drawn bus. The service went to steam and then to electricity in 1891. It ended its service in 1934.



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