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Torteval is the smallest of Guernsey's ten parishes. This parish is the result of the splitting of St. Pierre du Bois, which allotted the eastern part of the formerly big parish. Part of Torteval is the westernmost point in guernsey, and there i also a nature reserve for birds.

In the centre of Torteval is the parish church which was built in 1818. This church was built atop an earlier church, consecrated in November of 1140. But not all of this church is new. It has the oldest bell in the Channel Islands which dates back to 1432. It also has the tallest steeple in Guernsey. The steeple doubles as a sea mark.

In front of the current church is the Torteval War Memorial. It is a granite Celtic cross with a bronze Guernsey crest attached and displays two names under the Great War, 1914 through 1918, those names being Bertie De La Mare and Walter De La Mare. The two brothers joined the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry in October 1917, along with other young men from Guernsey. Less than two months later, the Royal Guernsey Light Infantry fought in the Battle of Cambrai, and the brothers were killed on the first day of the battle on December 1, 1917.



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