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Home to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is the county seat of Washtenaw County and one of the ten largest cities in the state.

The northeastern part of the city is divided by the Huron River, which enters the city at its north-central point, flowing southeast, to exit at the east-central point, where it is just south of Concordia University.

Ann Arbor is belted by I-94, US 23, and M-14. For the most part, city streets are set up in a grid pattern, with major roads branching out from the downtown district, most of them leading to I-94, US 23, or M-14. The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority operates bus transportation within the city and to nearby Ypsilanti, while a zero-fare bus service connects the University of Michigan campuses. The Amtrak Wolverine line connects Ann Arbor with Chicago, Illinois and Pontiac, Michigan, via Detroit.

Ann Arbor was settled by John Allen, from Virginia, and Elisha Walker Rumsey, of New York, who came in 1823. The town was platted the following year, and named for the natural groves (arbors) that were prominent in the area, and for the founders' wives, both of whom were named Ann. Originally, it was written as one word - Annarbour. Rumsey died in 1827, and Allen became the town's first postmaster on December 8, 1824, as well as the village president and publisher of its first newspaper.

Among early settlers of the village, were large numbers of German and Irish immigrants, although they were outnumbered by Canadians. After becoming targets of animosity during World War I, many of its new German citizens left the village, including four professors in the university's German department.

Ann Arbor became the county seat in 1827 and was incorporated as a village in 1833, and as a city in 1851.

In 1839, the Michigan Central Railroad extended its track to the city. During World War II, the Willow Run Ford plant produced thousands of B-24 Liberator bombers, and military personnel and civilian workers increased the population of the village.

In the 1960s, Ann Arbor developed a reputation for leftist politics, a designation that continues today, largely centered around the University of Michigan campus. Most of the city's elected positions are held by Democrats.

Although the University of Michigan dominates the city in many ways, it is not the only college or university in Ann Arbor. Others include Concordia University, Cleary University, and a satellite campus of the University of Phoenix.

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