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Situated in southern Minnesota, the city of Waseca is the seat of government for Waseca County.

Most of Waseca is surrounded by Woodville Township, although a small portion of the city extends west into Saint Mary Township. US Highway 14 and Minnesota State Highway 13 are the chief routes through the city, while Old Highway 14 intersects Highway 13 in the center of town. Nearby cities include Janesville (10.8 miles west), Waterville (11.1 miles north), Morristown (13.5 miles north-northeast), New Richland (13.8 miles south), and Elysian (14.1 miles northwest). Mankato is about twenty-five miles northwest of Waseca.

A large portion of western Waseca is taken up by Clear Lake, a 649-acre body of water that is more than thirty feet deep at its deepest point. In the eastern part of the city, Loon Lake is a 125-acre lake that is about nine feet at its deepest point. Both are good fishing lakes. Goose Lake, Rice Lake, and Watkins Lake are nearby.

Additionally, the Waseca Parks Department maintains about two hundred acres, comprising fifteen parks, which includes baseball, softball, and soccer fields, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, skating rinks, and playground equipment. Waseca Parks include Clear Lake Park, Emerson Park, Loon Lake Park, Maplewood Park, Memorial Park, Northeast Park, Northwest Park, Oak Park, Southview Park, Sportsman Park, Tink Larson Field, Trowbridge Park, University Park, and the Waseca Water Park.

For those looking for quiet, there is Maplewood Park and Northwest Nature Park, both of which offer nature experiences and opportunities for environmental education. Waseca also maintains more than nine miles of hard surface trails. Additionally, Northeast Park includes the Waseca Water Park, which offers swimming lessons as well as open swimming.

Originally known as Woodville, a post office was established in 1864, and the town was platted in 1867, and incorporated as a village in 1868, and a city in 1881. The town's name was changed to Waseca in 1867, and the county seat was moved from Wilton to Waseca in 1870.

Before white settlers came to the area, it was inhabited by the Santee branch of the Dakotas.

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