I decided to start a competition for the top 10 directory designs ever. Getting the right picture about this is not easy to do but I want you to help me get as best as possible one.

Here are some basic competition rules:

1. Ten directories will be chosen.

2. All of them will be listed in public poll.

3. Everybody is allowed to vote ones in public poll. One vote is one point.

You are invited to suggest nominations here in comments or in public forums treads at:

Digital Point forums

Vilesilencer forums

PHP Link Directory forums

If you are not member on any of these forums, you should be.

P.S. I would like to say thanks to the creator of Dirten – directory showcase gallery, for his effort that helps this topic.


After I read many treads on this topic at Digitalpoint forums, I saw many people suggesting their own directories which use free templates (this is not a best template competition), directories that are popular and have high Google pagerank (this is also not a most popular directory competition) and directories owned by their friends.

The point of this competition is not about getting popularity, links or raising profits of some directory owners. It is just about looks and I want to see the real picture.

I decided to do some deeper research and come up with 10 nominated designs myself. I don’t consider myself some kind of expert or something, but I want this to work and there is no other possible way to do it.  I will not nominate any of designs I made (I made a few) because I think that wouldn’t be fair.

I already have a few directories in mind and will let you know when I come up with the top 10. After that it is up to you to decide who the winner is.