I have had to disqualify two directories and two templates from the February PhpLD Directory of the Month Contest.  The disqualified entries are:

From best designed directory:
1. H-log
2. Sbclansite

From best free template:
1. City Theme
2. Soothing Blue

The grounds for this is that the owner of these directories and templates has offered a 3 months featured listing in his directories for anyone who votes for him.  This is vote buying at its most basic, crass level and not something I can tolerate.

Ironically, the owner of these directories and templates is a DMOZ editor.  And one of these directories is actually listed in DMOZ (quaere whether this has anything to do with the fact that it is owned by a DMOZ editor when lots of quality directories just do not get listed there).

In a further twist of irony, the owner of these directories has cast himself into a role of a reformer to DMOZ.  He has set up alternative forums in this regard.

Corruption at DMOZ must run deep if the reformers themselves are this corrupt.