There was one of the most interesting votes that I have ever seen for winner of the February 2007 Directory Contest.

There is a clear winner for the best designed directory – and that is Forplex Directory

There was a pretty stiff competition in the mods category between the Link Forever Sponsor Mod and the Directory Spy Pagerank Update Tool. But the Pagerank Update Tool won.

Congratulations to the winners!  To claim your prizes, you can contact me.  Please send me your paypal address as well as information for the directory listings and contextual links.  Given the large number of directory listings, I suggest include several alternate titles and descriptions.  Same goes for the contextual links.

In the other two categories, there was a tie.  In the templates category it was a 4-way tie!  I think that the best way of dealing with this is to hold a run off vote.  Having 4 people share a prize seemed a bit much to me.

Similarly, in the category for directory with the best content, there was also a tie.  There will also be a run off vote for this.

The 4 top free templates are:
Trinity Temple Template
Swirlmix Template
Pakistan Template
Black Carroty Template

The 2 top directories with the best content are:
Ask Directory – custom description service (example) + unique category structure + unique descriptions for all listings (copyscape tested).
Ewebpages Directory – unique category structure and editor added authoritative sites (example).

I will start a run off vote for both categories at the phplinkdirectory forum immediately:  here.

Voting will close Monday, March 5, 2007 at noon EST (= GMT – 5 hours).

For voting on the free templates, you can indicate a first and second choice.  If there is a tie, the second choices will be used to break the tie.

Good luck to the remaining contestants!