When I started my directory over 2 years ago, the directory industry seemed like a different place.  People in the industry actually cared about the success of the industry as a whole and about the success each other’s directories. 

Unfortunately that seems to be changing.  While there have always been scammers and con artists who are directory owners, the number seems to have grown dramatically over the last few months.  What’s worse is that they show a blatant, in-your-face disregard for their lack of ethics.  Just because it may not be worthwhile for the victims of their scams to take legal action does not mean that action is acceptable.

I used to try to keep in my mind the names of all the directory owners who had done something unethical to make sure I never submitted to their directory or purchased ads or other services from them.  However, that list has grown so large that I end up forgetting many.

So, I’m officially starting a Directory Blacklist.  (Hat tip to Links Factory for the inspiration).  I’m well aware for the potential for abuse of such a list, so I’ll be very careful about adding a directory to the list.  To ensure that no one is wrongly blacklisted:

(a)  I won’t make this list retroactive.  I could probably dig through my mind and come up with a list of many directories, but memories of details fade and I don’t want any inaccuracies on this list.  Everyone starts with a clean slate.

(b) I’ll only post directories where it is clear that there was unethical behavior.  If it is a “maybe” or “possibly,” while I may personally blacklist them, I won’t publically do so on this list.

(c) Anyone on this list has the right to contact me and state their case, which I will publish, unedited except for grammar and spelling, libel, obscenties, etc.

So, please bookmark this list and check back regularly as I will update it whenever I see a directory owner acting unethically.  And please do not do business with any of the directories on this list.

Edit:  Further discussion about this on DP.

Without further ado, let’s start the list:

1.  AvivaDir.com – Of all the names you could choose for a directory, why this one?  See the DP discussion.

2.  Lexcorps.com – Refused to replace a credit link on a free template that he removed contrary to its terms of use.  When called on this he stated:  “Ever heard of save page as, you can get the css file and images of just about any website. Most of my sites ideas came from someone else. O well, so I used some of your images and your css file, so what.”  See the DP discussion.

3.  Dirmania.org – Fraudulent submitter to other directories.  Also, refused to honor a money back guarantee for text link ads sold.  See the DP discussion[Update July 10, 2008 – The directory has now been sold to a reputable directory owner].

4.  Edyb.com – Removing credit links from a free directory template and refusing to place them back on.

See also:  a new site about scammers at Digitalpoint – the Quick Buck Crew.