Therre is a great post over at Fuzzuck about directory editing.  They talk about how although most directory owners pay lip service to editorial integrity, few actually follow through.  Although directory editing is not as glamorous as most subjects discussed in the directory community, it is actually one of the most important factors that will determine the longevity of a directory.

And of course, as Fuzzuck points out, directory owners’ standards are particularly low when it comes to accepting listings of other directories.  Professional courtesy is great and what makes the community work, but it certainly should not be extended as far as lowering editorial standards.

Fuzzuck then asks:

Is it me, or is it becoming easier to distinguish the link pimps from the directory owners?

I’m not sure whether this question was rhetorical or not, but I’ll answer it anyhow.  Honestly, I don’t think much has changed – it has always been easy to distinguish the link pimps from the directory owners.

Fuzzuck has posted his post to the “totally clueless” category.  Cute :-)