tshirtAviva Directory is proud to announce today their new T-shirt contest.

Simply add your comment below suggesting what you would like to see on an Aviva Directory T-shirt.

On November 18, 2006, we will close submissions and shortly afterwards announce the winning T-shirt idea.  The winner receives a prize of US $1,000.00 + a free t-shirt with their winning suggestion.  The 3 runners up also receive a free t-shirt.

So add your suggestions as to slogans, logos and other t-shirt ideas in the comment box below.  Make sure to add your website or email address so that we can get hold of you if you win.

Update: You can buy an Aviva Directory tshirt at Cafe Press.

142 Responses to “Aviva Directory T-Shirt Contest”

  1. Akash Kumar Says:

    I would like to see Aviva Directory taking over Dmoz.

  2. Harry Says:

    Slogan – Get Linked in!!!

  3. Gina Quartermaine Says:

    I’m hot with Aviva fever.

  4. Gina Quartermaine Says:

    Viva Aviva !

  5. Esteban Panzera Says:

    my try :p

  6. Esteban Panzera Says:

    another thing I would like to see is something like if it was made for aviva team or something like that, a t-shirt made for aviva directory owners, or for directory owners in general

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Esteban,

    Graphics are always nice!

    I really like the idea of a T-shirt for directory owners in general. Although I can’t change this contest in mid-stream, that’s certainly something I’ll look into.

  8. Shabu anower Says:

    Aviva Directory
    be linked!

  9. S. Lane Says:

    Aviva delivers…campaign: simple yet catchy since “deliver” contains a “V” and carries the alliteration compliment.
    This customizable campaign will work for all your different audiences. Such as:
    Aviva delivers…CLICKS!
    Aviva delivers…TRIVIA!
    Aviva delivers…A PERSONAL TOUCH!
    Aviva delivers…SEO!
    Aviva delivers…SALES!
    Aviva delivers…VISITORS!
    Aviva delivers…COMMERCE!
    Aviva delivers…REVENUE!

    Tagline Options:
    A Directory that Delivers!

    SEO Delivered

    Clicks delivered

  10. Roem Emverda Says:

    To Direct and To deliver.

    Information of Wonderful things!

  11. Roem Emverda Says:

    Hottest links for you!

    Directory Diva!

  12. Roem Emverda Says:

    Can’t find it? Aviva!

  13. Roem Emverda Says:

    got links? Aviva!

  14. Roem Emverda Says:

    Your not alone!

  15. Roem Emverda Says:

    Superb links! Aviva

    Get found!

  16. Roem Emverda Says:

    Lost? get found!

    Final solution!

  17. Rezwan Says:

    Wow ! That’s called a real business plan! Is there anything more interesting can we hope to see against online directory marketing! probably not! A solid promotion from a solid business man! Well, I also want to be part ! but need some brainstorming before submitting any idea, slogan, design!


  18. Roem Emverda Says:

    Avivatise! and get links..

    Avivatise! and get clicks..

  19. Avi Eshkol Says:

    OK, lets do some real work.
    We have 3 main components:
    1. Aviva is girl name – photo on this page proves that she is pretty also 🙂
    2. The purpose of aviva directory – seo friendly links posting: submission, links, page rank and… visitors=traffic.
    3. We must save the main theme – style and color of directory design.

    We get the follow picture (starting on the center, directory style)
    Aviva (1)
    Directory (1)
    Visitors (∞)


    (Lines are for getting the relative position).

    Regards, Avi

  20. halford Says:

    How about…
    Aviva Directory
    Click it out

  21. admin Says:

    Thanks for all of your suggestions! Please keep them coming…

  22. Em Says:

    Wow!! My website with AVIVA from PR0 to PR6 cool!

    Directory AVIVA get found!!

  23. Em Says:

    Need traffic? Avivatise!

  24. Phil Says:

    Got Page Rank?
    Get Aviva and Arrive

  25. Vignesh Says:

    Aviva Directory – Spice up your links !
    Avia Directory – Place the links where they belong
    Always the real thing, always Aviva Directory
    thanks please respond to my comments

  26. Chetan Says:

    The image you are giving in banners are cool :

    This image would perfectly suit on the TShirt if it was a jpe image lol 😀

    Or something like Aviva with a toolbar PR10 😀

  27. Akash Kumar Says:

    Aviva My Life!

  28. Jessica Says:

    Live Long and Profit

    (site url on back of shirt)

  29. SaadAhmed007 Says:

    I would like to see the logo of Aviva Directory along with note: Directory Diva!

  30. Jessica Says:

    Alive With Possibilities

  31. seiya Says:

    Awesome, Veracious and Interesting, Visit Aviva!

    The first letters together spell, AVIVA. Hope you like my idea 🙂

  32. Jessica Says:

    Searching For Something More?
    E-Quality Internet Revival


    Don’t Be Left Standing in the Cold
    Lead the Target Directly To Your Site.

    Hope the multiple entries are ok. Best Wishes!

  33. Tez Says:

    Aviva directory in association with people like me

  34. Em Says:

    Aviva! The Real Engine for Pagerank!

    Boost your E-biz with Aviva!

  35. Em Says:

    Get on the road to a better links today!


  36. Richie Says:

    Wow,the contest looks very cool..
    Slogan—Everything starts from AvivaDirectory.Com 🙂

  37. Em Says:

    Are you fishing where the fish are?

    Get traffic that converts!


  38. Em Says:

    My Pagerank is bigger than yours!


  39. Em Says:

    -Get your RSS kicked!

    -My feed is bigger than yours!

  40. Em Says:

    Sleep With an SEO tonight, You’ll Rank Better in the Morning.

  41. Esteban Panzera Says:

    Choose the best, Choose Aviva
    Aviva = + PR
    Aviva = + Visits
    Aviva = + Popularity

  42. remverda Says:

    -Hey baby, what’s your PR?

    -I’ve got PageRank! How about you?

    -Kiss me, I’m ranked!

  43. Esteban Panzera Says:

    Another idea just came to mind:

    What about a black t shirt with the name aviva in green printed everywhere in the t shirt?


    Making it look like if it was a directory, putting categories into it, I mean like if it was a screenshot od a directory, but put it in a nice way 🙂

  44. remverda Says:

    -Want to be on top?

    -Master Link Baiter

    -For Women only, or Male With a Sexy set of Pectorals

    T-Front – “Think these are Impressive?”

    T-Back – “You should see my Search Engine Rank”

  45. remverda Says:

    T-Front: You know, I’m kind of a big deal around here. People Know me.
    T-Back: I’m an SEO.


  46. remverda Says:

    -“When the going gets tough, the tough use AVIVA”

    -Does my RSS look phat?

  47. ROEM Says:

    Cross Linking
    Doorway Pages
    Link Farming
    …is for little guys.

    IP Delivery
    Cross promoting
    Strategic media placement
    Landing pages

    When is black really white?
    When your brand is big enough to support the fallout unscathed.

  48. ROEM Says:

    PRsistance + PRfection = PR

    or, simply…


  49. ROEM Says:

    “Two munce ago I coodent spell Search Engine Optimizer – Now I are one!”

  50. eshkolit Says:

    Girl with BIG PR. AvivaDirectory.com

    High Ranked Girl. AvivaDirectory.com

    Have a Green. AvivaDirectory.com

    We sell green bars. AvivaDirectory.com

    Buy my Green. AvivaDirectory.com

  51. Ernest Musial Says:

    Hello; my sugestion:
    maybe something like this ?
    1. Logo of Aviva.

  52. Vance Says:

    Get Linkerized.


  53. steve Says:

    How about:

    I submitted to Aviva and all I got was this lousy T-shirt


    a picture of a dalek and a slogan with “Direct me to your Directory” then you could put the Aviva logo on the sleve or something

    C’mon giz a grand! 🙂

  54. Yogesh Says:

    I will suggest writing ” AVIVA ” vertically at the back side of the t-shirt on a simple plain t-shirt and also printing AVIVA in small text at the sleve’s end ( arms ) in circular order making it simple and yet colorfull .
    Good Luck with the Contest ..!!

  55. Zap Says:

    1) My Pagerank goes to 11!

    2) Did you Aviva today?

    3) Aviva. Anything else is just nofollow.

    4) Find me on Aviva.

    5) Aviva it.

  56. Sharat Jaswal Says:


    GO AVIVA !!!

    I think both can go well along with each other on both sides of the t-shirt. Thanks. Good luck with the contest

  57. Semsols Says:

    Aviva Directory – In affiliation with Google

  58. Semsols Says:

    Aviva Directory – A Community of White URls

  59. Rich Kahmer Says:

    (first line) ARE WE THERE YET?!!
    (second line) AvivaDirectory.com
    (third line) Yes.

  60. Edwin Says:

    Don’t get lost, get found at Avivadirecory.com!

  61. Jordonias Says:

    Hot babes, and hot links.

  62. Rich Kahmer Says:

    On the front: Knock, Knock…. Who’s There?
    On the back: AvivaDirectory.com

  63. cnyshark Says:

    1) Aviva Next
    2) Aviva Times
    3) Taking Aviva
    4) Aviva and Me
    5) Aviva & Me
    6) Aviva & You
    7) Where? Aviva!

  64. cnyshark Says:


  65. Peter Says:

    Get noticed, with Aviva.

  66. roem Says:

    The most important feature is to receive traffic that
    is of high quality. In my experience, AVIVA is the only company to be able to do this.

  67. Sunny Says:

    We have have it printed on the back..





    on the front side we can have:

    Aviva Directory


    You Listed ??

  68. Desiree Says:

    Front of T-Shirt = Aviva Babe

    Back of T-Shirt = I Support avivadirectory.com

    Front of T-Shirt = Aviva Rocks

    Back of T-Shirt = I Support AvivaDirectory.Com

    Front of T-Shirt =
    Your Site Logo
    Proud supporter of

    Front of T-Shirt =
    Your Site Logo
    Proud to be listed at

  69. John Says:

    Aviva ROCKS! (First line)
    Aviva Power YOU! (Second line)

  70. roem Says:


  71. Harmony Says:

    A big AV in the center (large proportion of shirt).
    Then on the bottom or in the middle of that big AV
    Aviva Directory (in diff. print) with it’s slogan or description

  72. Manish Says:

    [1] Aviva – “Get promoted” guaranteed!
    [2] Aviva – A Directory that rules!
    [3] Aviva – Final step of SEO!

    BTW, The lady on your post is nice 😉

  73. Vignesh Says:

    Loading DMOZ
    Please wait while you are forwarded to Aviva
    Forget DMOZ look up to Aviva.
    The next Directory Revolution is here

  74. roem Says:

    Let the linking begin!
    Maintain you Site and let Aviva do the rest!


  75. roem Says:

    Let the linking begin!
    Maintain your Site and let Aviva do the rest!

  76. Christian bass player Says:

    Here are my slogan ideas:

    1 – “Powered by Aviva”
    2 – “Avivalue”
    3 – “The linking value”

  77. Christian bass player Says:

    Here are my slogan ideas – part 2:

    Line one: LINK THING
    Line two: The Aviva Story

  78. Christian bass player Says:

    Here are my slogan idea – part 3:

    “I’m AVIVAilable!”

  79. em Says:

    Get Your Business Seen On The Internet!!

  80. bytech Says:

    Since the AVIVA name can be read front to back, or back to front, thought of “Bravo Aviva! Results any way you read it!”. Mock-up at bytech.ca/gallery/aviva.png

  81. bytech Says:

    Ack, the hotlink is broken due to our image anti-theft redirect. Please remove the hotlink from my previous comment, and use copy and paste instead.

  82. em Says:

    Spend Your Time Wisely. Visit Aviva Directory For All The Best Links On The Web.


  83. roem Says:

    Avivatise! Advertising That Provides Results.


  84. admin Says:

    @bytech – done.

  85. Steve B. Says:

    Here are some slogans for you to consider:

    “Always Aviva”
    “Heat Seek!”
    “Hit Seek!”
    “Extreme Search”
    “Legendary Directory”
    “Fast. Quality. Results.”
    “Millions of Sights. One Directory.”
    “Millions of Sites. One Directory.”

  86. Ian Batten Says:

    I heart aviva.

  87. mr.wca Says:

    viva la aviva
    have you been to aviva?

  88. em Says:

    Aviva Directory
    Leading The Way in Website Promotion!

  89. Meethere Says:

    My slogans goes here:

    1) What are you starring at ? – Look AVIVA DIR, its more HOT !!

    2)Go HOT, Go TOP, GO AVIVA !!!!

    3)AVIVA Directory – Find your site !!

  90. em Says:

    FRONT: “Nature of the Quality of Links”
    BACK: “High Rankings”

    FRONT:”High Rankings”
    BACK: “Coz’ its the Nature of the Quality of Links


  91. roem Says:

    Shouda,Couda,Wouda AVIVA!

  92. Jane Sellman Says:

    Illustration — a stream of light coming from the clouds with the names of directory subjects — music, poetry, etc.

    Slogan: Avivadirectory.com
    Shortcut to enlightenment.

  93. Akash Says:

    Aviva, Directory for the new generation.

  94. Rich Kahmer Says:

    Seek First to Understand

  95. Colin Says:

    I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is Aviva
    Hosting: $10
    Design: $100
    Aviva Submission- $35
    Knowing your customers can find you easily at Aviva: Priceless

  96. Allan Says:

    Why not just have Aviva on the front in a nice web 2.0 stylee type design.

  97. John Alexander Says:

    By looking at the chick you have wearing it…I’m thinking…


  98. Manoj Singhvi Says:

    AVIVA: Better than the Best!

  99. Fuser Says:

    Hi, the t-shirt should say:




    Thanks, fuser

  100. Fuser Says:

    Living la AVIVA loca


    Living AVIVA loca

    Thanks, fuser

  101. Fuser Says:

    another one:

    Hasta la Aviva, Baby!


    Hasta AVIVA, Baby!

  102. Peter Brown Says:

    I would like to see that t-shirt covered in the links of the websites that have been added to the directory with the aviva directory logo in the middle.

  103. Overdrive Electronics Says:

    Have you Aviva’d yet?

  104. Ernest Musial Says:

    Hi, I have another:
    Wanna be high?
    Just Link In!

    High without weed?
    Just add to Aviva!

    Aviva – be the first one!

    Aviva – ecstasy for your site!

    Aviva – be visible for all!

    Aviva – Be High!

    Aviva – Grown Up!

    Aviva – Be On The Top!

    If I get more I will post it 😉 thx.

  105. Sharat Says:

    Am back with my second try:

    Was just imagining, like if a girl is gonna wear the T-shirt, the slogan would have been:
    On The Front:
    Size Does Matter!!!
    On The Back:
    That’s Why I Chose Aviva 😉


    Few Others:

    ~I’m HOT.
    So is Aviva


    ~I’m HOT !!

  106. Cbolts Says:

    Aviva- let the link juice flow

    Aviva- we are the cupid of link love

  107. Oleg Says:

    mmmm… Aviva

    Aviva… The Other Other Directory (or white meat 😀 )

    Mothers Against Aviva Directory

    I viva, You viva. Aviva.

    Feedback appreciated 🙂

  108. Markus Jong Says:

    AVIVA Arrived !

  109. Cbolts Says:

    Ariba, Ariba, Aviva!

    It’s not magic, its Aviva!

    Lose weight, grow taller, meet beautiful women- Aviva

    No Vi4gr4, Cia1i5 or P3nis Pills- Aviva- A Directory with Integrety

    Viva Aviva

    Long live Aviva

    If Aviva was a fruit it would be a Pineapple, because everyone likes Pineapple.

  110. Cbolts Says:

    When you link with Aviva you smile

    Smile you’re on Aviva

  111. Cbolts Says:

    Aviva the all purpose directory with a purpose!

  112. Cbolts Says:

    WWAD-world wide aviva directory

    WWAD-what would aviva do

  113. Advertising.us Says:

    You may choose these INITIALS:
    “A Virtual Index. Viva Aviva”
    and bold each CAPITAL.

    But if you really want to grab clients I’d go with this one:

    “Lifetime link.
    Lifetime traffic.
    Aviva Directroy.”

    It also go well as a banner!

    All the best,

  114. Cbolts Says:

    Just for fun

    Aviva- The Chuck Norris of Directories, it’s that good!


  115. Cbolts Says:

    Get More: Exposure, Traffic, Money
    Get Listed at Aviva Today

    Aviva- The Greek God of Directories

    Aviva- Why Not?

    Aviva- Bring your site to life

    Aviva- Inject Traffic to your Site

    Instant Results- Just add Aviva

    Aviva- Your first step to success

    Your Site + Aviva = Success

    Aviva- Steroids for your site

    Better links, better hits- Aviva

    Sorry about all the posts, but more just keep popping in my head as I work!

  116. roem Says:

    “Making Connnections
    Reaching the Top”


  117. roem Says:

    “A Strong Business Starts With A Strong Links” Aviva!

    “Best Links Never Fade Away.” Aviva Directory!

    “Mines Got Pagerank”

    “There can be only one.” Aviva Directory!

    “Aviva: Because every Business should be covered by the best links.”

  118. Cbolts Says:

    Aviva- It’s all about your connections

    Get Linked – Aviva

    You’re only as good as your links – Aviva

    You’re only as good as your connections- Aviva

    Pagerank Plus- Aviva

  119. Sharat Says:

    Working Hard On Your Site For Peanuts??

    Get Listed In Aviva

  120. Darren Says:

    Second to DMOZ, so we try harder.

    I have only one entry, the one above.
    There are several others but I only submitted my best.
    Hope I stand a chance!

  121. roem Says:

    “Large and Incharge Links”


  122. admin Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We are really impressed by how many quality suggestions we’re received!

    The contest is now closed to further suggestions. We are in the process of reviewing the submissions and will announce the winners in the next few days.

  123. Sharat Says:

    Eagerly waiting for results
    Best of luck to everyone and congrats to those who win. 🙂
    Thanks for the nice contest Jeff

  124. Esteban Panzera Says:

    Everybody waiting for results 🙂 can’t wait =D
    congrats Jeff on the launching of this T-Shirt, and congrats for making a succesful directory as Aviva is =)

  125. Pixelbox Says:

    Wow, there were some good ones in there. Tough to judge, I’d say.

  126. Cbolts Says:

    Can’t wait to see who won, there sure are lots of good submissions!

  127. admin Says:

    Thanks to everyone for their submissions. As Pixelbox said, this was a tough one to judge as there were so many good submissions.

    The grand prize of $1,000 goes to: Tez!

    Tez’s submission was:
    “Aviva directory in association with people like me”

    I like this one best because that’s the reality – so many people have helped make Aviva Directory what it is today and this slogan recognizes it.

    The runners up:

    1st runner up: Roem Emverda of http://www.emfoo.com/. Roem had a lot of great suggestions – thanks! What I liked best was the word “Avivatise.” That was very creative and original.

    2nd runner up: Em, who submitted: “Sleep With an SEO tonight, You’ll Rank Better in the Morning.” Heh! I’m not daring enough to put that on a T-shirt but that got the biggest smile of all the submissions.

    3rd runner up: S. Lane who submitted:

    “Aviva delivers…campaign: simple yet catchy since “deliver” contains a “V” and carries the alliteration compliment.
    This customizable campaign will work for all your different audiences. Such as:
    Aviva delivers…CLICKS!
    Aviva delivers…TRIVIA!
    Aviva delivers…A PERSONAL TOUCH!
    Aviva delivers…SEO!
    Aviva delivers…SALES!
    Aviva delivers…VISITORS!
    Aviva delivers…COMMERCE!
    Aviva delivers…REVENUE!

    Tagline Options:
    A Directory that Delivers!

    SEO Delivered

    Clicks delivered”

    Aviva and delivers go so well together and there are so many possibilities for this. It’s a great suggestion.

    Runners up get a free T-shirt. You can contact me to let me know where to send them.

    I’ll let everyone know when the T-shirts are ready!

    Thanks again to everyone who submitted.

  128. Sharat Says:

    Hey! Congrats to the Winners!

    Thanks Jeff for one of the greatest contests 🙂
    Do post a pic of the T-Shirt when it is formally launched.

    Good day everyone!

  129. admin Says:

    Thanks Sharat!

  130. Terry Says:

    Awesome competition and thanks for the cash!

  131. Amit Patel Says:

    I just cant wait to see the winning entry 🙂
    Amit Patel

  132. Meethere Says:

    Was a really unique and funny competition 🙂

    BTW – I lost..

  133. Ernest Musial Says:

    Congrats to the winners 🙂

  134. Power Links Says:

    Very good slogans.

  135. KAMAL PATEL Says:

    Growth is always a collective effort…As AVIVA

  136. KAMAL PATEL Says:


  137. Deviprasanna Mohanty Says:

    I would like to see…

    ” Find your wish… with AVIVA.”


    ” You Wish… We Find.” …


    ” Happy… Finding With… AVIVADIRECTORY.COM”


    ” Find your Want’s and Will’s… With… AVIVA.”


    ” Find Your Searching-Destiny… With…

  138. Deviprasanna Mohanty Says:

    “Feeling Proud to be associated… With AVIVA.”

  139. Linkrain Says:

    congratulations to the winner.I saw this contest only now…if there will be another one in the future i will surely participate.

  140. alternative medicine Says:

    Congrats to the Winners!

  141. alternative medicine Says:

    Superb links! Aviva

  142. alternative medicine Says:

    “congratulations to the winner.I saw this contest only now…if there will be another one in the future i will surely participate. ”

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