Open a new document with a 1000 x 610 pixels, white canvas. In your main toolbar set your foreground color to #0C2E3B and background to #124558. Using your gradient tool apply a linear gradient on your canvas.


In your layer palette create a new layer set and name it Body. Now in your main toolbar select your rounded rectangle tool and set the radius setting to 10 pixels.
On the center of your canvas draw a 910 x 480 pixels, white rounded rectangle.

In your layer palette add the following layer styles:
Outer Glow


Inside your white rounded rectangle draw a 250 x 430 pixels, #EAEEEF rounded rectangle.

Cut the bottom end of your rounded rectangle.


In your layer palette make a new layer set and name it About. On your #EF366B rounded rectangle add an intro for your company. Use font Arial, regular 14 pt, none and #16536A for color. For the arrow, type “4” using font Webding 13 pt, sharp and #4B9100 for color. Now add your content using font Arial regular, 11 pt, none and #1F1F1F for color.

In your layer palette, set your layers blending mode to Soften Light and add the following layer styles:
Drop Shadow


In your layer palette duplicate your About layer set. Modify the content for your Testimonial section and add the section below about.


In a new layer draw a 178 x 430 pixels, #EAEEEF rounded rectangle next to your first #EAEEEF rounded rectangle.


Now add your first hosting plan on your second #EAEEEF rounded rectangle. Make your content bold and use #4B9100 for link color.


Add your second hosting plan.

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