Yesterday I reported that a corrupt DMOZ editor was buying votes in order to win the February 2007 Phpld Directory of the Month competition.  As a result, I disqualified his entries.  He responded, and I quote:

“Lol show me the rule where it says ” No buying votes ” , i will let you go with that, do you how politics really operates ? You think politicians campaign most of the time ? Nope they buy voters too, its the truth but since you cannot realize that its cool good luck with competition.

Next time IMHO right better rules for contests and votes.”

The rules clearly state:

“All decisions made by me are final and not subject to appeal.”

So doing this is well within the ambit of the rules. For instance, I also didn’t make a rule: “you can’t kill off your competitors” but certain things are understood in a civilized society.

I’ll pass on commenting about this editor’s command of the English language.

More importantly, I note that DMOZ’ rules do not state that you are forbidden from bribing an editor.  According to this DMOZ editor’s logic, therefore bribing editors is permitted.  Now you have it from the horse’s mouth.