In your layer palette create a new layer set, name it Name. Create a new layer and draw a 240 x 46 pixels, black rectangle. At the top end of your rectangle, draw a one pixel #121212 line. This rectangle structure will hold your name so modify the size to fit your own name. Now with a large soft eraser brush tool, create a fade on the bottom of your rectangle.


In a new layer draw three white lines. Set your layers opacity level to 5%.


Finally add your name and slogan using font Arial, bold, 11 pt, none, #FFFFFF and #C6FF00.


In a new layer create a 1000 x 7 pixels, black rectangle across your canvas.

In your layer palette, set your layers blending mode to Lighten and add the following layer styles:
Inner Shadow
Gradient Overlay


Duplicate your black rectangle from step nine and position the copy on the far end of your canvas, see picture guide for proper location. In a new layer add your search box made of black rectangle with one pixel, white border. Since this is web 2.0 style, the search button will be simple as text. Use #2489B0 for search text and #5D5D5D for description inside search box.


In your layer palette make a new layer set, name it About. This section will hold your description. First add a title using font Arial, bold, 15 pt, crisp and #2489B0 then add your content using font Arial, regular, 12 pt, none, and #FFFFFFF.


Below About, add your news features. Use font Arial, regular, 11 pt, none and #C6FF00 for the title in this section. For Published date use Arial, 10 pt, none and #5D5D5D. Seperating your content/sections draw a straight #0D0D0D line in between sections or content. Finish this section with a #0D0D0D line on the left side of all your content.


On the center body, add your content.

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