Select your Rounded rectangle tool and set the radius setting to 16 pixels. Just below your header structure, in a new layer draw a 254 x 23 pixels, #070707 round rectangle. Using your eraser tool, erase a little half of your round rectangle.

In your layer palette add the following layer styles:
Gradient Overlay


Add a title on this tab, use font Arial, bold, 13 pt, crisp and #000F15 for color.


To make the arrow refer to step four with a size of 48 pt and #5D5D5D.

In your layer palette, add the following layer styles:
Drop Shadow


Now add a 24 pt black arrow.


On the left side of your canvas, make a 167 x 478 pixels, #070707 rectangle. Place your ads in this section.


In your layer palette create a new layer set, name it Footer. On the bottom of your canvas, In a new layer draw a 1000 x 34 pixels, #00090F rectangle. On the bottom edge of your rectangle, draw a #081117 line across your canvas. Add your copyright details in a new tab.


Web 2.0 Style Design.

Web 2.0 Style Design

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