Win $1,000 Writing SEO Lyrics

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Many webmasters out there are fighting to pull pages of their websites out of Google’s supplemental index.  So, I got a good chuckle when I saw this song: Well since my rankings left me, I found a new place to dwell. It’s out of the real index in supplemental hell. This is part of Search Engine People’s […]

More Directory of the Month Contest Winners

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Thanks to everyone for voting. The remaining contest winners are: Best Free Template Trinity TemplateBest Content Ewebpages Directory Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me about collecting your prizes.  

Contest Winners + Run Off Voting

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There was one of the most interesting votes that I have ever seen for winner of the February 2007 Directory Contest. There is a clear winner for the best designed directory – and that is Forplex Directory.  There was a pretty stiff competition in the mods category between the Link Forever Sponsor Mod and the Directory […]

Corrupt DMOZ Editor – Bribes Are Permitted

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Yesterday I reported that a corrupt DMOZ editor was buying votes in order to win the February 2007 Phpld Directory of the Month competition.  As a result, I disqualified his entries.  He responded, and I quote: “Lol show me the rule where it says ” No buying votes ” , i will let you go […]

DMOZ Reformer In a Buying Votes Scandal

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I have had to disqualify two directories and two templates from the February PhpLD Directory of the Month Contest.  The disqualified entries are: From best designed directory: 1. H-log 2. Sbclansite From best free template: 1. City Theme 2. Soothing Blue The grounds for this is that the owner of these directories and templates has […]

Free: 43 links + $100 cash

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The winners of the Official February 2006 PhpLD Directory Contest have a number of new prizes to look forward to!  In addition to all the prizes previously listed, the winner of each category will also get: 1.  A featured link on each of Biz Giant‘s network of 28 directories.  I know the name of about 20 […]

Win $1,500 in Prizes!

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Is your directory the coolest on the web? How about the free template you designed? Well, then enter the Official February 2007 PhpLD Directories of the Month Contest for a chance to win $1,500 in prizes. At the end of the month, there will be voting to select the winners in each of the following 4 […]

Directory Contest – $2000+ in prizes

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The goal of Directory Contest is to find out which directories are the best by offering them a chance to prove it in search engine rankings. Directories can enter the contest just by linking to the official website with as the link title. The first 10 directories that show up in Google for search term […]

Best Directory Design – Winners

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With a total of 228 votes case, the winners of best designed directories contest are: 1. Wow Directory – 76 of 228 votes(33%) 2. Eonte Directory – 67 of 228 votes(29%) 3. Abifind – 29 of 228 votes(13%) Congratulations to winners!

Best Designed Directory Ever – Voting

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After many hours of investigation and with the help of many webmaster forums members, we have a list of nominations for the Best Designed Directory Ever. Choosing directories for this competition was very hard, but we gave it our best shot, hoping to get the best possible candidates. Rules: 1. This is competition based only on […]

Top 10 Directory Designs Ever – Nominations

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I decided to start a competition for the top 10 directory designs ever. Getting the right picture about this is not easy to do but I want you to help me get as best as possible one. Here are some basic competition rules: 1. Ten directories will be chosen. 2. All of them will be listed in public […]

Top 10 PHP Link Directories Designs

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After spending some time on reviewing PHP Link Directory designs, my top ten list is finally finished. Maybe your directory is in top ten? If you don’t have one take a look at some good work.