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Luminaries whose names begin with the letter C are listed here.


Caan, James

Cage, Nicolas

Cagney, James

Caine, Michael

Campbell, Naomi

Carey, Mariah

Carney, Art

Carrey, Jim

Carroll, Diahann

Carson, Johnny

Carter, Aaron

Carter, Dixie

Carter, Lynda

Caruso, David

Carvey, Dana

Cash, Johnny

Castaneda, Carlos

Chan, Jackie

Chapman, Steven Curtis

Chappelle, Dave

Chase, Chevy

Cheadle, Don


Child, Julia

Clapton, Eric

Clooney, George

Close, Glenn

Coburn, James

Colbert, Stephen


Cole, Nat King

Cole, Natalie

Coleman, Gary

Collins, Phil

Connery, Sean

Cooper, Gary

Costner, Kevin

Cox, Courteney

Craig, Daniel

Crawford, Broderick

Crawford, Cindy

Crowe, Russell

Crowley, Aleister

Cruise, Tom

Cruz, Penelope

Crystal, Billy

Culkin, Macaulay

Cuoco, Kaley

Curtin, Jane

Curtis, Jamie Lee

Cusack, John

Cyrus, Miley



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