Welcome to Incorporate Your Business Information. My website provides a step-by-step guide to achieving corporate status. You’ll find out how to choose the best business structure for your company, set up the necessary systems, and reap the financial and brand-based benefits awarded to both large and small corporate entities.

1. Should I Incorporate? Find out whether you should incorporate, the 6 different types of corporations, a glossary of corporate terms and more to help you get started.

2. Prepare for Incorporation – There’s a lot to do before you actually get started incorporating. This section discusses these issues: choosing a name, preparing your articles of incorporation, completing other required paperwork, supplies to get you going, opening a business bank account, getting other required licenses and more.

3. Choose the Right Structure – This section provides an in-depth listing of the various available business forms – a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, S Corporation, non-profit corporation and C Corporation.

4. Where to Incorporate – This section helps you decide where to incorporate – locally, in another state or country, in Delaware, in Nevada or in more than one location.

5. Get Incorporation Help – Help in deciding how much of the incorporation process you can do yourself and whether you need an attorney.

6. Corporate Compliance – You’ve got to run your company as a corporation if you want to benefit from its status. This section explains how, including organizational meetings, bylaws, stock certificates, minute books, daily operations for corporate compliance and more.

7. Benefits of Incorporation – This section discusses some of the benefits of incorporating, including taxes, business deductions, medical insurance, retirement plans and more.

8. Corporate Officials – This section discusses who are the people in your corporation, including a board of directors and how it works, upper level management, office personnel, outsourcing, choosing employees and more.

9. Re-Investing Corporate Profits – This section discusses selling corporate stock, state securities registration, corporate investments and more.

10. Corporate Closure – At some point, you may need to close your corporation. This section goes through in detail the steps you must take to do so, including voting to close your corporation, collecting money owed and paying bills outstanding, complying with sales law, notifying the government, paperwork and more.

11. Filing Information – Where to file you corporate papers.

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