1.  Introduction – When a person who starts out as a struggling entrepreneur suddenly finds that their efforts have catapulted them into the realm of success, or even the throes of financial ruin, they begin to consider what all is at stake.

2.  6 Types of Business Status – There are six different ways you can make the leap from entrepreneur or small business to corporate status. They range from a single owner or partnership to a corporation with many participants.

3.  What You Need to Know First – On this web site, we’re going to prepare you to take the plunge and incorporate your company using a simple, do-it-yourself style or by showing you how to find the best resources to help you achieve your goals.

4.  What Is A Corporation? – A corporation is a legal “entity” that can be created under the law using articles of incorporation that have been approved by the state in which they filed the paperwork.

5.  Corporate Terms – Before we go into further detail, there are a few terms we need to clarify so that you aren’t lost when a discussion reveals a new term that you’re not familiar with.

6.  From Entrepreneur to President & CEO – Launching your own business is a necessity for many in today’s world. Corporate downsizing and natural disasters have forced many people to create their own opportunities.

7.  What Is Your Starting Point Right Now? – Are you currently employed by someone else and considering launching your own business – or are you already dabbling in something on the side?