As a corporation (or most any business other than a non-profit), your goal is to make money. In this section, were going to examine the ways you can profit from your corporation.

1.  Selling Corporate Stock – Corporations sell stock to raise capital for many reasons – expansion, new technology, and more. There are federal laws associated with issuing securities that you need to understand before you print out a bunch of stock certificates and hand them over to someone.

2.  Selling Corporate Stock – Part 2

3.  State Securities Registration Offices – Whenever you have a question regarding the sale of securities for your corporation, you’ll need to contact your state agency first and then make sure you follow federal regulations.

4.  State Securities Registration Offices – Part 2

5.  State Securities Registration Offices – Part 3

6.  State Securities Registration Offices – Part 4

7.  Secure A Minority Contract – If you’re a corporate owner of a racial or gender minority, then you can use your position to take advantage of the Federal Acquisitions Streamlining Act of 1994.

8.  Invest Your Surplus – Your corporate surplus is the corporation’s net income after contributing to pension and profit-sharing plans and paying salaries, expenses, and taxes. This profit can be utilized to produce more profit for you.

9.  Additional Corporate Investments – Your corporation isn’t tied down to investments in stocks and bonds. You’re able to invest in a variety of assets, including real estate, art, antiques – anything tangible that has value and isn’t likely to depreciate.