After handing out stock, have a banking resolution signed for the financial setup of the corporation.  It will look something like this:

BANKING RESOLUTION OF _________________________
(Name of Corporation)

 The undersigned, being the corporate secretary of the above corporation, hereby certifies that on the ____day of _____, 200_ the Board of Directors of the corporation adopted the following resolution:

 RESOLVED that the corporation open bank accounts with ____________
and that the officers of the corporation are authorized to take such action as is necessary to open such accounts; that the bank’s printed form of resolution is hereby adopted and incorporated into these minutes by reference and shall be placed in the minutes book; that any ____of the following persons shall have signature authority over the accounts:

______________________   ________________________

______________________   ________________________

and that said resolution has not been modified or rescinded.

Date: ____________________

       Corporate Secretary
       (Corporate Seal)