It’s time to let the world know that you’re going out of business. Who should you contact and what information do they need?  Here’s a list to get you started:

* Vendors and Suppliers. When the will the last delivery be made?  Will you be returning any inventory? Make sure to tell them when and how they’ll get paid for goods they’ve supplied.

* Utilities, business insurers, and payroll preparers. Give them an address to send your final bills to. Make sure you collect any deposits that are owed to you. Your business insurer will need to know if any potential problems that may arise in the closure of your business.

* Employees. It’s time to let your employees know when you plan on closing and what the plan is, up to then. Give them at least two weeks’ notice.

You may fear that your employees are preparing to bolt for the door, and they might, so be prepared to offer them incentive to stay on until the end. Offering recommendation letters, gift cards, or maybe even a nice meal out on closing day may be worth the expense and effort.

* Customers. Let them know when you’ll be closed for business, and if you are planning a “going out of business” sale.