When choosing your employees, you’ll want to look for people who bring new areas of expertise to your company. Take some time and make a list to determine the kind of talent needed to move your company ahead.

How can you find the expertise you need? There are a variety of channels to go through, whether you are looking to fill vacant seats on the board or simply looking for experienced and reliable staff members.

* Use a headhunter

Some executive recruitment companies specialize in recruiting directors and management. For a fee, they will forward and recommend candidates for you.

If you choose this route, keep in mind that the search firm must have a good understanding of you, your company, and the talents you seek in order to be able to recruit effectively for you.

* Use your network of colleagues and friends

If you have somebody you’ve relied on in a different capacity for years, such as members of your chamber of commerce, service providers or social acquaintances, and you feel they could be up for the job, don’t be timid about discussing employment prospects with them. 

Make a list of candidates that work within your field and then scrutinize the list to ensure you are choosing the right talent for your company, not just people you like.

* Look for people who know how to raise capital

Even if your company does not need to raise capital now, it most likely will at some stage. Your staff and board members who have a strong financial background and knowledge of how to raise money are always an asset.

It’s also wise to keep an eye out for people that have worked in a startup atmosphere and know how to build a business from the inside, as their experience and expertise can help you.