Are you currently employed by someone else and considering launching your own business – or are you already dabbling in something on the side?

Or, are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to protect what you’ve built? 

Either way, this guide will be instrumental in helping you choose the next step for your business and career.

It all depends on your business earnings – as long as you’re bringing in a net profit, you can benefit from the incorporation process.

If you don’t think you can handle the legalities and record-keeping of a corporation, then you might not be up for the task.  It is a responsibility you have to consider.

You can’t be mixing your personal and corporate finances together into one pot – or the IRS can disqualify your corporation.  If you have an accountant, he or she can probably help with sorting it all out, but you have to use some sort of good sense in handling your business affairs.

Next, you’re going to learn the best way to begin preparing for your corporate entity.  After all is said and done, you’ll realize the enormous potential you have for growing your business using the shelter of a corporate label.