Every corporation has to have a minute book.  You can get a basic ring binder or invest in a more businesslike leather-bound book.  Every minute book should contain the following items:

 First, you’ll want a title page that simply states “Corporate Records of ________________________”(Name of Corporation).  You’ll want to follow that with a Table of contents.

 Your minute book is where most of the official paperwork is held.  You’ll have your letter from the Secretary of State acknowledging the receipt and filing of your Articles of Incorporation.

 It should also include a copy of the Article of Incorporation, along with any fictitious name registration documents you’ve secured.  Additionally, have a copy of any trademark registration paperwork you’ve filed.

 Your minute book will hold the bylaws, the Waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting page, a sample of a stock certificate, the Stock Transfer Ledger, Stock Certificate Stubs, and an Offer to Purchase or Sell Stock notice, as seen below.