On this website, we’re going to prepare you to take the plunge and incorporate your company using a simple, do-it-yourself style or by showing you how to find the best resources to help you achieve your goals.

You may have questions about how to provide for the corporation’s taxes.  Corporations benefit better than individual entrepreneurs when it comes to paying Uncle Sam.

Which structure should you choose?  It’s important to set up your corporation carefully to allow for any future stock sales, or the possibility that you will pass the reigns to your heirs someday.

You may not be able to run your corporation all by yourself.  While some operations are solo endeavors, many require various executives to hold positions and fulfill duties related to their title.

But you can’t just fill out the paperwork and let that be the end of it.  Filing to be a corporation means you have to be in compliance with the laws.  It’s not difficult, but it does have to be done – and you’re about to learn how.

You may start out as a small corporation – with you as the sole shareholder.  But eventually, there may come a time when selling shares is necessary or profitable for your business.

Then, when and if the time comes to close the doors of your corporation, you should know how to do that without getting bogged down in technicalities that maybe you weren’t prepared to deal with.

At the end of this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about filing to be a corporation in all 50 states.  That includes the fees, the laws, the timeframe for which you can make it happen – and more.