It’s important to have a hiring plan for all positions within your company. Existing management of the company should be responsible for writing the job descriptions for everyone, from the CEO down to administrative staff.

This is especially true for corporations just starting out; at any given moment, everyone should know who is responsible for what tasks. There are companies that operate without any organization or plan and they often spend a lot of time with organization difficulties.

Make a plan for every single aspect of the business, do some research, and make sure that you have adequate job descriptions.

* Administrative Staff: If you need somebody to keep you organized, answer your phone, send and receive faxes, and other basic duties, you’ll often find that having an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, or Secretary can help you stay on schedule, implement your plans, and provide other important office functions so they don’t slip through the cracks. 

* Accounting Services: Tax professionals, payroll specialists, and other bookkeeping records are essential to staying on top of your success with your business. You may be able to have a tax attorney or outside accounting firm to do this, but for everyday bills and payroll expenses, it’s often more efficient to have somebody do the work in-house.

Your accountant can file tax forms, follow your business bank accounts, and keep you organized with balanced checkbooks. The corporation must file all necessary federal and state payroll tax forms. An in-house accountant can help you keep up with state sales tax if you do business outside of your jurisdiction. 

* Customer Service: If you do a decent amount of business, sell good and services, and have enough customers that you don’t know them all by name, it’s important to have a dedicated customer service line and direct channel for your customers. You can have a standard customer service staff that answers the phone, emails, and other correspondence.

If you are running a business that provides services, such as a design firm, you may want to have a dedicated Project Manager, who handles administration with the clients and communicated directives to your project staff.

* Marketing and Public Relations: Whether you simply need to fulfill requests for more information or are planning an ad campaign, a dedicated marketing manager or other team member can help you plan your business marketing ventures.

This person should know your industry from a marketing perspective and should be able to strategically advise the company, and the board, with new marketing directions, including new products and services.