At the launch of your corporation, you’ll want to hold your first meeting with the people involved in your incorporation process.  Now is the time to issue your corporate stock and elect the board of directors and officers within the corporation.

 You can set up the basic structure of the corporation’s benefit plan, such as medical and retirement options, vacation time, and other details that will affect your employees.

 Have your stock certificates, tax forms, and other paperwork ready so that whoever needs to sign it or be aware of it can do so at that time.  And for all meetings, you must have your minutes book available and filled out for full compliance.  We’ll explain the minutes book shortly.

 The corporate organizational meeting will usually include the actions listed below and use certain forms.  First, you’ll sign and date the Waiver of Notice of the Organizational Meeting form.  It looks something like this:
(Name of Corporation)

We, the undersigned incorporators named in the certificate of incorporation of the above-named corporation hereby agree and consent that the organization meeting of the corporation be held on the date and time and place stated below and hereby waive all notice of such meeting and of any adjournment thereof.

Place of meeting: ______________________________________________
Date of meeting:  ______________________________________________
Time of meeting: _______________________________________________

Dated: _______________________


 In your minutes book, you’ll note everyone present at the meeting and then present and formally accept the copy of the Articles of Incorporation that was returned to you by the Secretary of State.