Section 29. Certificates for Shares. Certificates representing shares of the corporation shall be in such form as shall be determined by the board of directors. Such certificates shall be signed by the president or a vice-president and by the secretary or an assistant secretary. All certificates for shares shall be consecutively numbered or otherwise identified. The name and address of the person to whom the shares represented thereby are issued, with the number of shares and date of issue, shall be entered on the stock transfer books of the corporation. All certificates surrendered to the corporation for transfer shall be canceled and no new certificate shall be issued until the former certificate for a like number of shares shall have been surrendered and canceled, except that in case of a lost, destroyed, or mutilated certificate a new one may be issued therefore on such terms and indemnity to the corporation as the board of directors may prescribe.

Section 30. Transfer of Shares. Transfer of shares of the corporation shall be made in the manner specified in the _________[Uniform Commercial Code or as the case may be]. The corporation shall maintain stock transfer books, and any transfer shall be registered thereon only on request and surrender of the stock certificate representing the transferred shares, duly endorsed. The corporation shall have the absolute right to recognize as the owner of any shares of stock issued by it, the person or persons in whose name the certificate representing such shares stands according to the books of the corporation for all proper corporate purposes, including the voting of the shares represented by the certificate at a regular or special meeting of stockholders, and the issuance and payment of dividends on such shares.


The fiscal year of the corporation shall _________[be the calendar year or begin on the _________ (ordinal number) day of _________ (month) of each year and end at midnight on the _________ (ordinal number) day of _________ (month) of the following year or as the case may be].


The board of directors may from time to time declare, and the corporation may pay, dividends on its outstanding shares in the manner and on the terms and conditions provided by law and its _________[articles or certificate] of incorporation.


The board of directors shall provide a corporate seal, which shall be circular in form and shall have inscribed thereon the name of the corporation and the state of incorporation and the words “Corporate Seal.” The seal shall be stamped or affixed to such documents as may be prescribed by law or custom or by the board of directors.


Whenever any notice is required to be given to any stockholder or director of the corporation under the provisions of these bylaws or under the provisions of the _________[articles or certificate] of incorporation or under the provisions of law, a waiver thereof in writing, signed by the person or persons entitled to such notice, whether before or after the time stated therein, shall be deemed equivalent to the giving of such notice.


These bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by the board of directors at any regular or special meeting of the board; provided, however, that the number of directors shall not be increased or decreased nor shall the provisions of Article Two, concerning the stockholders, be substantially altered _________[add other limitations as desired], without the prior approval of the stockholders at a regular or special meeting of the stockholders, or by written consent. _________[If appropriate, add: Changes in and additions to the bylaws by the board of directors shall be reported to the stockholders at their next regular meeting and shall be subject to the approval or disapproval of the stockholders at such meeting. If no action is then taken by the stockholders on a change in or addition to the bylaws, such change or addition shall be deemed to be fully approved and ratified by the stockholders.]