After adopting the bylaws, you can elect the officers of the corporation.  Let all members of the meeting accept and acknowledge the corporate seal, which you will have ordered when you filed your corporate entity with the state.

Hand out and process the acceptance of Stock Certificates.  You can order your stock certificates or print them out yourself.  They will look something like this, with your seal in the lower left corner.

Stock Certificate

Remember not to hand out stock certificates to those who have not yet paid for them.  Stock will be numbered in order to keep track of how many shares are issued. 

 Record the issuance of the stock in the Stock Transfer Ledger and on the Stock Certificate Stubs, which are perforated on the side of the stock certificate when you hand them out. 

 Your Stock Transfer Ledger should track the following details of the transaction for certificates issued and transfer of shares:

Certificates Issued:

* The certificate number
* The number of shares
* Date of acquisition
* Shareholder’s name and address
* From whom the stock was transferred
* The amount paid for the stock

Transfer of Shares:

* The date of transfer
* To whom the stock was transferred
* Certificate number surrendered
* Number of shares transferred
* Certificate number

 Every state has different rules about stock, so you’ll want to see if your state charges taxes or fees whenever stock is issued.  You’ll also need to keep a record of all of the shareholders, which should be kept at the registered office or main place of business operations.