As a corporation, there are certain items you’ll need to do business.  Because you’ll be keeping corporate records, for legal reasons, you’ll need to be equipped with the right tools.

 A corporate seal is one item you’ll need, which is similar to a notary’s seal.  You can order it from an office supply store but make sure it includes your corporation’s name the way it was legally registered, the year of the incorporation, and the word “SEAL.”

 You’ll also need a ring binder to keep all of your records in, including the minutes of the meetings, stock records, name registries, and any other legal paperwork you don’t want to lose.

 You can create your own ring binder, but many companies sell corporate kits with the name of your corporation embossed on it.  You can keep the printed stock certificates in this as well.

 Your stock certificates will show ownership of stock to the individual who owns it, and must include the corporate name, the state law under which it was formed, the name of the shareholder, along with the number, class, and series of stock.  The officer(s) designated by the bylaws must also sign each certificate.