It depends on the amount of support you’re going to need for your business. Will you need somebody available to field calls 24 hours a day? Or do you need somebody after-hours to simply handle information requests and answer basic questions?

Write down a list of expectations before you search for a company to outsource to.  Typical tasks that are outsourced include:

* Telecommunications: You can hire companies that answer the phones after hour or full-time. You can also outsource fundraising and telemarketing.

* Virtual assistants: VAs typically can perform customer service functions, type your notes for you, and help you plan your travel for a rather inexpensive hourly rate.

* Marketing and sales: Many companies and freelancers can help you sell your product. A full-service advertising firm will charge much more than a freelance professional.

* Accounting: Small businesses often find it helpful to outsource their payroll, sales taxes, and other record and bookkeeping. An independent accounting firm will help you with record keeping and keep abreast of any changes in tax law.

* Legal: When working within certain fields, especially those that sign contracts, it’s important to have a legal representative to review your business practices.