In this tutorial I will teach you how to make your very own 70’s Dance Party Invitation (See Figure Below). It will be quite easy so let’s get to it!

Things You Need:Vector Burst Brush Pack (click to download)

Vector Hot Babes Custom Shapes (click to download)

Vector Palm Tree Brush Pack (click to download)

Alba Super Font (click to download)

Marcelle Script Font (click to download)

Step 1: New DocumentOpen up Photoshop and make a new document using the settings below:

Step 2: Background Color and Vector BurstI selected the ‘Paint Bucket Tool‘ and painted the background using the color: “#35dd42“. Then in a new layer, I got out my ‘Vector Burst Brush‘ and selected the one I liked and made 1 burst using the color: “#46cff1“.

Step 3: Adding The “Hot Babes”

Now take out your ‘Hot Babes Custom Shapes‘ and draw 1 in the middle of the invitation (make it fairly large). Now make 1 more on each side of the middle one. You should now have 3 Hot Babes! I used black for each of my Hot Babes.

Step 4: Adding The Palm TreesNow take out your ‘Palm Tree Brushes‘ and make 2 white Palm Trees in a new layer. Drag that layer behind the Hot Babes but in front of the Background and Burst.

Step 5: Adding The TextNow add whatever text you want. I placed the Part Information on the bottom left side, the Special Guests on the bottom right, and the Main Title: “70’s Dance Party” in the top center. Make each of these texts in different layers and move them above everything else. The font I used for the Party Information and Special Guests was ‘Garamond‘, the font I used for DJ Mango was ‘Alba Super‘, and the font I used for the Main Title was ‘Marcelle Script‘. Once you’ve done all that you’re done! Your final product should look something like this: