Turning Yourself into a Werewolf with Photoshop

As it is nearly Halloween again, I think it’s time for a horror Photoshop tutorial. The thing is, there are tons of Zombies, Vampires and other assorted ghoulie tutorials out there, but as yet very few werewolf ones. So here goes, get ready to grow some hair and bark at the moon. By the way, if you are looking for a quick, 5 minute tutorial, keep looking! This is going to take some time, so be prepared.

Step 1

I’ve chosen this good looking, young, blue eyed guy for this tutorial. Ok, I’m old and bald. But not for long. The first job is to cut out the face and body from the background. For this, we’re going to use the dreaded pen tool. Don’t worry though, it’s not as bad as you think it is. First though, we need to lighten the image. I don’t want to make any changes to the image, so we’re going to use an adjustment layer. With this, we can lighten the image and after just delete it. Click the little black and white circle at the bottom of the layers panel, and choose ‘Brightness/contrast’ from the drop and menu. A new screen pops up where we can increase the brightness.

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Flying Birds Digital Art Illustration

In this tutorial I will teach you a couple of techniques you can use to learn how to create a Flying Birds Illustration with Adobe Photoshop, as shown below:

Digital Art

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Create a 3-d Packshot

This tutorial will aide you in transforming a flat design into a three dimensional packshot that is great for spicing up those product presentations.

Here’s a pic we can get at the end:

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Creating Actions for Batch Processing

In this tutorial you will learn on how to make your own actions to automate your work flow. The process here can be used to almost anything you would like to be automated.

Ever happened that you snapped 100 pictures only turning out to be highres to be emailed and then you will start one by one to reduce the size, after this tutorial you will be able to do this very quickly.

It happens to be that i have a few pictures of flowers i took, i want them, to be sent to a friend, I will reduce the size of the picture, desaturate it, reduce its quality just a tad, so the size is reduced. Lets ROLL!!
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Ready Made Frames

This tutorial will teach you to easily complement your images with a predefined frame using Photoshop’s Actions palette.

You will be able to automatically create the frames like these:

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Art of Adding Borders

Borders can sometimes make or break any type of art, whether it’s a signature or some photography. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create borders that will go well with your art.

Art of Adding Borders

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Living In The Clouds Book Cover

Create a complete book cover with this easy to understand tutorial. A preview can be seen below:

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Easy Slicing In ImageReady

Above is the Image I will be slicing.

I will be slicing this head banner and navigation for a website.

Things You Need:

-Adobe Photoshop

-Adobe ImageReady

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Background Signature Brushing

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a signature with more effect then a regular brushed signature.

1.) Open up a new canvas like the one below. My canvas is 325 x 100, which is always a good size for a signature. Try to keep your signatures small as people are drawn to big effects in small pieces sometimes :

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Movie Clapboard Tutorial


In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to make a simple Clapboard, like the ones used in movies (See Figure Below). This is going to be quick and simple, so let’s get started…

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Gears of War Website Header

Learn how to make a complete Gears of War website header (Banner + Navigation) with this tutorial, as shown below:

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