Borders can sometimes make or break any type of art, whether it’s a signature or some photography. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create borders that will go well with your art.

Art of Adding Borders

I am going to start out with signatures. Signatures are a very common type or graphics. If you are into graphics chances are that at least one time in your life you have made a signature.

There are many types of borders that go with signatures. I will show you a couple.

Pixel Black –

The 1 pixel black border is a very commonly used border. It tends to go with any type of signature no matter what. To make this you create a new layer. Then hit Ctrl-A to select your whole signature then go up to Edit > Stroke> and use these settings:

Now if you did that correctly your signature should look like this:

Also please bear with me I realize that signature is just a stock but it is for the purpose of this tutorial. I hope by looking at that you realize that that is a good border and will go well with anything.

Cinema –

Cinema borders are my favorite type of borders for signatures. They go with a lot of signatures, but they aren’t always great so you have to look and see what goes best.

To create a cinema styled border create a new layer. Then using your rectangular marquee tool make a selection like this:

Then fill it in with your paint bucket. After you fill it duplicate that layer and move your duplicated layer to the bottom. If you do it correctly you should have something like this:

Wallah! That is how you create cinema styled borders.
Now I am going to show you a photo’s border. I like my photo’s borders to be thicker and sometimes more detailed.

Thick Black –

Thick black borders go great on photos. To create a thick black border make a new layer. Then go to Image> Canvas Size> and add 200 Pixels to both the height and the width. Then make a selection around your photo like so:

Now hit Ctrl-I to invert your selection and fill it black. Congratulations you know how to create a thick border perfect for photos.

The above border styles I just taught you are probably the most commonly use styles. There are many more but these tend to work with most graphics. So I hope you use this information in the future and spice up your art.

Happy PSing.