In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a signature with more effect then a regular brushed signature.

1.) Open up a new canvas like the one below. My canvas is 325 x 100, which is always a good size for a signature. Try to keep your signatures small as people are drawn to big effects in small pieces sometimes :

2.) Make a new layer and grab a brush. I have chosen a darker color the the background and an abstract. Brush the area a little :

3.) Create a new layer and choose a lighter color. Try choosing a different brush and brush the area :

4.) Set the layer mode to “Overlay” and a texture is created :

5.) Choose Color Balance from the black and white circle seen below the Layer Palette I have chosen to deepen the red, but the color balance doesn’t have to be added, it is only an option :

6.) You can progress to adding a Gradient Map. Chose it from the same section like pictured below :

7.) I have chosen to add a dark to light gradient set to reverse. You can change to whatever colors you want, but the result always varies :

8.) Mess around with the Layer mode. I chose Color Dodge for a more direct hard effect onto the signature.

9.) After the Color Dodge is applied, you may have something like this : You’re done!