In this tutorial you will learn how to create a 468×60 ad banner shown below:

Final Image

Let’s get started.

Step 1:

Let’s start this tutorial by doing the basic thing, creating a new document. For this tutorial I will be using size 468×60, which is an official size for an adbanner.

Now fill the background with a cool blue color (#1174E3), and we’re ready to start the main parts of this tutorial.

Img 01

Step 2:

The background color is already set, it is time to move on to giving the background a pattern. Create a New Layer (Shift+Ctrl+N), and go to Edit > Fill… We do this so we can give our background a nice and attractive pattern. Use a 2 colored, stripes pattern, and follow the settings below:

IMG 02

Step 3:

Let’s now move on to the pen tool part. We are going to divide this adbanner into two parts with a nice pen tool shape. One side will contain the name of the website, and the other will have the slogan. Start out by selecting the Pen Tool (P). Now make a shape like the one shown below with the Pen Tool: Make sure your Foreground color is Gray (#C8C8C8) before you do the shape.

IMG 03

After the shape is done, Right-Click the shape layer and select “Rasterize Layer“.

Next grab the Magic Wand Tool (W), and select the right side of the image, after you’ve selected the right side, create a new Layer (Shift+Ctrl+N) and fill the selected part with White (#FFFFFF). Rename this Layer to “White Layer“.

IMG 04

Select the “White Layer” and set its Opacity to “40%“. Your image should now look like below:

IMG 05IMG 05

Step 4:

Now it is time to add text to this banner. Start off by selecting the Text Tool (T). The first text we are going to add is going to be the one on the left side, which will be the site’s name.

With the Text Tool selected, set your Foreground color to an Orange (#FFAE00), and grab a font that you like. For this tutorial I will be using the Helvetica font. If you do not have this font, any other font will work just fine. Now type any site name on the left side. Your image should look like below:

IMG 06

Now that the text was added, it is time to add some effects. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke... and follow the settings below:

IMG 07

now go to Gradient Overlay and follow the settings below:

IMG 08

The text on the left side is now done, let’s move on to the right side text.

Step 5:

This step is very easy, all we’re doing is basically repeating what we did in the last step, but with a different colored text and a smaller size.

If you don’t have it selected already, press (T) to select the Text Tool.

This next text will go on the right side, over the “White Layer“. Set your text color to White (#FFFFFF), and type any slogan or description of the site.

After that, you are done! The final product should look like below:

Final Image