In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to draw the famous Homer Simpson from the famous TV show “The Simpsons” using the pen tool. To make the tutorial a little more interesting, I will not be showing you how to make plain old Homer but Homer as ‘Death’, as seen below:

Step 1: Homer Simpson SketchWhat I did was found a nice picture of Homer Simpson as ‘Death’ on google and printed him out. I then took out my pencil and paper and drew him up using the printed version as a guide line. After I finished sketching homer on paper, I scanned him into Photoshop (Figure Below). From there I went into the next few steps.

Step 2: The Pen Tool

Now we’re going to use the almight ‘Pen Tool’ and make a nice clean outline of our sketch. Use the settings below for best results:

Now use your pen tool skills and make an outline and then fill the Path Stroke with your brush. I used a “4 pxblack basic brush. My outline turned out like this:

Step 3: Coloring In Your Outline

Now we’re going to be filling in each area of the outline using the brush tool. I used a sperate layer for each color. So in a new layer, begin the coloring! My final coloring result was:

The exact colors I used for each layer are below:

Once you are done coloring then you are officially done with your Home Simpson! If you would like move onto the next step for some extras!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

To add some finishing touches, you can add a white background and Hide the sketch. You can also add a few shadows! My final result was: