I thought I would compose a small list of what I think are the best free Photoshop brush resources around today. Check ’em out:

  1. Brusheezy
    Brusheezy - Free Photoshop Brushes
    This is a somewhat new website (according to my knowledge, anyway) but it has a great amount of brushes, and pretty much all of them are user submitted! You may even come across some of my brushes on this website. Great way for users to get free traffic by submitting their brushes.
  2. deviantART
    deviantART - Brushes Category
    Most probably the biggest resource for free Photoshop brushes on the ‘net. deviantART has been around for like 6 years, and this category has probably been there for most of the time. There’s thousands of brushes here, every kind.
  3. MisprintedType
    MisprintedType - Free Grunge Brushes
    This site looks pretty old, but there’s plenty of amazing grunge brushes here, I use them all the time.
  4. TutorialBlog
    TutorialBlog - Free Brushes Article
    This is an extensive article on free Photoshop brushes, like a larger version of this article right here.

Hope you enjoyed!