In this tutorial, you will learn how to create amazing glitter text with a smooth background.

Your End Result Will Look like this:

To start with :

1) Click New in the FILE menu and create a new Photoshop document with values as shown in the image below (Ctr+N).

2) Using the paint bucket tool, paint the layer with with white color. (#FFFFF)

3) Now, in the layer window click “Blending Option” for the layer you created as shown in the image below.

4) For Blending Options :
Inner Shadow : Use color #309837 in the option Blend mode.

Inner Glow : For structure use some dark color. The color I used was #004741.

Bevel and Emboss : Use any dark color of your choice in the shadow mode option. I used black. #000000

Contour :

Satin : Use color #60FF6B for Blend mode (Overlay ).

Color Overlay : Opacity = 100 % and color code : #8AFF00

5) Now after these steps, your image should look like this:

6) Now we are finished working with the background.

7) Now add a text layer to your document. Hit key “T” on your keyboard or directly select the Text Tool.

Write whatevery you feel like. The font I used was : “Fiolex Girls” You can use any font of your own choice.

The color I selected for writing my text was black. ( Hit Key “D” for Default color Preset.)

8) For Blending Option : ( Blending Option for the text layer)

Drop Shadow : Use color code #000000 in Blen Mode.

Inner Shadow : Use color code #F9F894 in the Blen Mode.

Inner Glow : User color code #54532D in the Blen Mode for Glow.

Bevel and Emboss : Use color code #E5D266 in HighLight Mode and Color code #5A3015 in Shadow Mode.

Contour :

Texture :

(You can also try other patterns depending on what you like)

Satin : Color code used for Blend Mode #254E46

Color OverLay : Color code used : #FF0000 ( Use only light and bright colors )

Your final output is now ready. Simply save your Image in whatever format you want and enjoy. You are now done with the tutorial.