In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to liven up your photos and take better shots using composition.

Photography Composition

What is composition you ask? Well composition is pretty much the way you take a photo. The angle, the exposure, what manner, pretty much everything. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create exciting photos that will look great and have awesome composition.

Rule of Thirds – This is the first rule I every learned in art actually.

This picture one is following the rule of thirds the red area is where you should not have the focus of your picture in. You don’t want the focus in the middle of your picture because it makes it less interesting. The above picture has good composition because neither of the buildings is completely in the middle.

So you can see in that picture, things are more interesting if they are in the left or right box than in the middle.

This picture has bad composition. Because the focal point is in the very middle of the picture. This makes it disinteresting and will not keep your audience looking. Haha please ignore the finger in the picture.

Angle – This is a very important rule. This is the view you take the picture from.

So back to the other picture we were using.

This picture has good angle because it is taken from a stand point that is:

Diagonal – which is proven to be more interesting.

Looking up, so you still get the sky and capture the height of the buildings in an abnormal way which is usual.

The above things are very good qualities to having a good picture.

Height plays a huge part in an angle. A picture at eye level and a picture on the ground looking up are two completely different pictures. Ground level captures height and everything going on around it. Eye level capture very little and at most you will get a boring picture of some buildings straight on.

Direction is also a big part of a good photo.

I highlighted all of the angles and you will notice in this picture there is not 1 straight up and down angle or straight horizontal angle. It is proven that diagonal angles are more interesting than a regular straight one. So get as many of them as possible because they will make your photos a lot more interesting.